Where different media points to the enormous influx of refugees, Malmö FF in Sweden sees this as an important asset for the club.
“It’s impossible to keep track of the backgrounds here and it’s turned into something really cool for us. It’s never once been something we’ve focused on since I started. It’s a part of Malmö and if you’re here with us, you’re a Malmö citizen and that’s it!” says the assistant first team coach Andreas Georgson (and former head of youth scouting).

The club set up the development plan named ‘Sky Blue Way’ in 2012. Since then, everything in regards to their development is based on this plan. Before this project, Malmö FF had a real win at all costs mentality, but now the club is of the opinion that the development of the player should be top priority and they work on that ever since.

Head of Methodology, Joakim Nilsson, adds that every professional club has these development plans, but still Malmö is unique in their education. “Of course we want to win, but we want to win in our way,” thus Joakim Nilsson.

Because of the broad group of people in Malmö, developing through diversity is not without challenges, especially parents are a test for the club. “Our challenge is to put more effort into opening doors for parents, but we have to tell them that there are two lines: “The one for education is ours and the parents must be on that other line. The more the parents contradict, the worse for the child,” says Georgson.

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