SportChain Cup Dubai – The First Days


Today (20th of March) the SportChain Cup Dubai will kick-off with the first game for each team that will compete for the trophy. All matches will be played on a natural grass pitch in the Sevens stadium in Dubai. The following 6 teams are participating in the SportChain Cup Dubai: Mexico, Belgium, England, Russia, Czech Republic and Japan.

Today the following matches will take place in Sevens Stadium (local time):

15.00 – 16.45                         Mexico                       –           Russia

17.30 – 19.15                         Belgium                     –           Czech Republic

20.00 – 21.45                         England                     –           Japan

After these matches, we will be getting the first impressions of all the young talents in the different national teams. However, nothing will be decided after the first playing day since every team will have 2 more matches to play. Below you’ll find the schedule for Friday (22nd of March) and Sunday (24th of March).

Friday 22 March 2019

15.00 – 16.45                       Belgium                       –           Mexico

17.30 – 19.15                       Russia                          –           Japan

20.00 – 21.45                       Czech Republic      –            England

Sunday 24 March 2019

15.00 – 16.45                      Japan                             –           Czech Republic

17.30 – 19.15                      England                        –           Mexico

20.00 – 21.45                      Belgium                        –           Russia

All teams have arrived in Dubai three days ago to completely prepare themselves for the SportChain Cup. In the days before the start of the tournament, the teams got the opportunity to show their qualities on the various training pitches around Dubai, such as Dubai Sports City and NAS Sports Complex. Of course there’s also time for some fun in between training session and matches. Have a quick look at the following photos to get an impression of the past days in Dubai.

Teams are welcomed at the Ghaya Grand hotel and Gulf Court hotel Dubai!

National team of Belgium U18 preparing themselves for their first match against Czech Republic on Wednesday.

Team Mexico is ready!

Besides training there’s also time for some fun…

We’re looking forward to the upcoming days and would like to wish all teams best of luck! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all tournament updates; @sportchaincup !


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